The Bad Rap on Inflammation- Part 2: The Orthopaedic Groundhog Day

THE BIG PICTURE ON INFLAMMATION, ORTHOPAEDIC INFLAMMATION THAT IS Many orthopaedic inflammatory diagnoses are mechanical problems first that create a normal inflammatory response. You might not be getting better because you are treating the wrong thing, the inflammation, and the underlying mechanical cause is unknown, undetected or being ignored. Fix the mechanical problem and you fix the […]

Gaming the system!

Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth(D -IL) is my new hero on many levels. If we had just a few more politicians like her, we would be in a much better place. Having said that, this is still the greatest country because of veterans like her. Thanks to all military veterans who sacrifice their lives to protect our country! The […]

Anecdotal evidence is alive and well

Anecdotal evidence is alive and well! As a disclaimer, I am all for refereed medical research striving to reach the correct answers so that we can all live healthier and more fulfilling lives. As to qualifications, I am constantly in an academic environment where I am closely associated with the university in town teaching residents who rotate […]