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Some questions and answers just beg to reach out!
“Hello, I’ve been struggling with [Plantar Fasciitis] in both feet for at least 6 years, have done foot and calf massages, cortisone, tennis balls, laser, tens unit and have a Chiro running a vibrating ball over the bottom of my feet right now. I’m so tired of not being able to walk long walks.
So I’ve also found a website King brand BFST that swears they have a cold compress item to take the swelling down and then they have a hot wrap to apply heat to the PF. They have all good reviews and relief from people that have tried this.
They don’t recommend stretching. In fact, they have posted 10 PF “myths”. I’m so confused. What do you think of the cold/hot method?….Thank you for your advice…”

And here is my response….

Hi Pearl (name changed to protect the innocent),
You are a poster child for the plantar fasciitis herd mentality. If you have not read on my site at all, please do.
The total message for this the problem is that it is not your foot, it is your calf.

The reason you have had plantar fasciitis for 6 years is that you have never treated it. Really!

You are confused because of the strong message all these mostly clueless medicals and non-medicals are feeding us. Just think for a second about cause and effect. The cause is often not obvious or what you think.
In your case, as in the great majority of those out there suffering, looking past the obvious heel pain location is basically impossible. And I get that, but that is what guys like me are here for: to give the right direction.
Just look at the star Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes.

Even the pros have it wrong. This guy has been plagued with foot issues for a long time, and I can guarantee you they are related to one thing: equinus or calves too tight. And they have not focused on addressing the calf one bit. Now they are talking about a very unnecessary potential surgery in my opinion of course.

It is getting harder for me to believe how so many can be so vehemently far off track. The scientific evidence of the calf being the source of the problem and that calf stretching totally works almost always is there for all to see.
Books and Lights Wide

Here is my suggestion.

Do something different, something that seems so counter-intuitive and stretch your calves. Look away from the obvious, your heel, and treat the problem, your calf.
There is a 95% chance you will be done, but be patient. “Undoing” tight calves will take time because they took years to get that way.

Break from the herd, Pearl!

I get comments all the time how calf stretching has changed your world…but these comments are hidden in the blog comments section, where few will benefit from seeing.
Get out there on social media and spread the word about stretching and where you heard it! 
Stay healthy my friends,